The Dairy

Cheese factory since 1936

among the karst rising springs of the Valle dell’Oglio

The Torre Pallavicina cheese factory is immersed in the green landscape of the Po river, in the area surrounding river Oglio at the intersection of the provinces of Bergamo, Cremona and Brescia.

The water of the typical karst rising springs of the Valle dell’Oglio and the fertile alluvial plain have created the ideal environment that guarantees quality fodder for our cattle.

We put our utmost commitment and passion into our work, which combined with our expertise in the art of cheese-making, enable us to transform the fresh cow’s milk collected each day by our breeders into a cheese with protected denomination of origin: Caseificio Torre Pallavicina Grana Padano PDO, serial number BG 506.

A story

of passion and commitment

The cooperative was established on 7 June 1936, with the aim of safeguarding the economic and moral interests of its members, who provided their milk to be sold or processed, and traded the products obtained. In 1964 the construction of the current headquarters and milk processing rooms commenced. At the start the cooperative specialised in the production of provolone, then started producing Grana Padano PDO, and in 1977 the first warehouse was built for the maturing process, with a capacity of approximately 7000 whole wheels.

In 2004 a new warehouse was built with a capacity of 50,000 whole wheels.

In 2017 a significant investment plan facilitated the extensive renovation of the premises, equipping the dairy with efficient, cutting-edge production systems.

The Dairy today

technology and tradition


Processing is still based on a crafted art, in line with ancient Grana Padano PDO cheese-making tradition and under the supervision of the applicable product protection association, using efficient, modern facilities that ensure high standards of quality and food safety. All phases in the chain are closely supervised through strict quality control procedures at the dairy.

An innovative Milk Supply Regulation is observed by associate members, enabling the biodiversity of lactic acid bacteria naturally present in the milk to be preserved, and ensuring the Grana Padano BG 506 ages during the ripening process, bringing out its sensory characteristics.

In 2019 the Caseificio Torre Pallavicina dairy was the first Grana Padano PDO producer to obtain certification from CSQA in relation to farm animal welfare in all its barns.

2021 highlights


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