The Quality Supply Chain

Cheese-making excellence

We select the best whole wheels to bring excellence to your table.

We never relax our efforts; we constantly strive to ensure that we always provide you with the very best.

Quality of milk

The secret is the excellent quality of the milk we use: we want it to be healthy, genuine and above all rich in nutrients, as it must be processed and matured throughout the period of ripening to ensure a select cheese with outstanding organoleptic properties. However, the best guarantee of quality is the passion and expertise of our breeders.

Welfare of our cows

Each day we check the entire production chain of the milk from the pasture to the barn, and we guarantee the welfare of the cows: we can obtain excellent dairy production only from cows that are healthy and well cared for.

High standards

The milk is processed in accordance with tradition and regulations in a safe and comfortable environment, ensuring high standards of hygiene and food safety, in efficient modernly equipped facilities. The work is completed with the art and skill of our cheesemakers.



of the certified chain

We deal with the entire chain to ensure high product quality levels, from farming the fields through to the production phase.

Care in production phases is essential for achieving excellent results, but it’s the passion we put into it that makes us proud of our work and the outcome.

Growing fodder and cereals, feeding and milking cattle, collecting milk, making and ripening cheese are all implemented with attention to detail. We provide our cheesemakers with expert technological support, to be able to combine art and science.

We hold CSQA certification for Supply Chain Traceability in accordance with standard UNI EN ISO 22005, to guarantee quality and product identity, and ensure checks are carried out from “farm to fork”.



AGM di BoldiniGhedi (BS)
Ambrogi F.lli
– Torre Pallavicina (BG)
S. Antonio Soc. Agricola
 – Offlaga (BS)
Canini Dionisio e Giuseppe
– San Paolo (BS)
Bettoni Valter
– Lograto (BS)
Tenuta Moso
 – Bagnolo Cremasco (CR)
Pea Piercarlo
– Verolavecchia (BS)
Ferrazzoli Soc. Agricola
– Manerbio (BS)
Zani Paolo e Massimo
 – Roccafranca (BS)
Carrera Ernesto
– Quinzano d’Oglio (BS)
Baronchelli Soc. Agricola
– Orzinuovi (BS)
Menec di Paoletti
 – Borgo San Giacomo (BS)
Antonioli Soc. Agricola
– Leno (BS)
Naviglio Azienda Agricola
 – San Zeno Naviglio (BS)
Navate di Linetti Giancarlo & C.
 – Lograto (BS)
Bonetti Roberto e Bruno
– Leno (BS)
Maggiori Nicola
– Nave (BS)
Resconi Claudio
– Gambara (BS)
Caldera Giulio Angelo e C.S.S.
– Gambara (BS)
Ronchi Farm di Bozzoni S.S.
– Pontevico (BS)
Brunelli Pietro e C.S.S.
– Leno (BS)