Our values

Core Values

at the Caseificio Torre Pallavicina cheese factory


The willingness to share all of our work is the foundation on which we aim to build the credibility of our cheese factory, as well as a relationship of trust with our customers and consumers, so we are constantly committed to ensuring traceability throughout our production process.


Respect for the customer

Never betraying the confidence reposed in us, guaranteeing a certified supply chain, ensuring the highest standards in terms of food safety, and providing the very best service: with this in mind, we decided to have our production process certified according to BRC and IFS standards.


Respect for the environment

Constant commitment to finding solutions and making investments to protect the natural environment in which we operate and ensuring a virtuous circle and less impacting production processes; for this reason, we are committed to having a certified environmental management system.


Respect for the work of our selected breeders

Standing alongside them in pursuing a path of growth based on healthy and shared values, spurring us on to broaden our business horizons: for this reason, we strive to work together with breeders to face the challenges of increasingly demanding and knowledgeable consumers.


Respect for animal welfare

Guaranteeing the best well-being conditions for our cows; for this reason, we have thus far had all of our farmer cow’s milk certified, which means that all the Caseificio Torre Pallavicina Grana Padano cheese comes from stables certified by CSQA for animal welfare.