The Shop

The Shop

at Valle dell’Oglio

The Valle dell’Oglio Shop is a welcoming place at Torre Pallavicina, situated on the lower plains of Bergamo at the crossroads between the provinces of Brescia and Cremona, where you can buy our Grana Padano PDO, formagella and provolone cheeses of Valle dell’Oglio.
You will also find specialities from other farms in Valle dell’Oglio, such as cold meats, marmalade, jam, wine and much more, because we are committed to promoting local products from an area rich with gastronomic delights.
The shop also has gift hampers containing local produce or you can have one made up to your requirements.
We look forward to your visit and letting you taste the quality of what we have on offer.

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Visit the shop!

In our shop you can buy our BG 506 Grana Padano PDO, formagella and provolone cheeses from Valle dell’Oglio and a selection of local products.

Monday to Saturday 8.00-12.30 am and 3.00-7.30 pm

Sundays 8.30-12.30 am

Via Sante Giulie, 50 – 24050 Torre Pallavicina (BG)

For information ph. +39 320 1674245